Metrological tests of instrumentation and automation

Metrological tests of instrumentation and automation

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Questions and Answers

What services do you provide?

The main activity is inspection of rescue, firefighting, and rigging equipment, metrological measurements, chemical analysis of foam concentrates, dielectric tests, supply of ship equipment, and other services.

What products do you make?

We have established the manufacture and testing of slings, two/four -branched slings (spiders), and lashings by pressing onto an aluminum bushing through a thimble. Using rope ranging from 8mm up to 24mm Production time is one day with the RMRS certificate.

How to conclude a Service agreement with your Company?

To conclude a Service agreement, you need to send your company details and a request for the conclusion of an agreement to e-mail: addressed to the director of SSC LTD Mr. Mikhail Shestakov.

How to find out the cost of your services?

We have an individual approach to each customer. The customer sends an application to e-mail: that should contain: • A list of equipment that needs to be checked, the certificates, the previous check-lists. According to the certificates the type of inspection and the amount of materials to be replaced are determined; • The place where the equipment for the inspection should be obtained (port, berth, name of the vessel, object); • The date and time when needed to collect and return the equipment. Our managers will prepare a quotation taking into account the above mentioned information.

What are working hours of your Company and is your office open on weekends and holidays?

The workday begins at 7:30 and ends at 16:15 with a 12:00-to-12:45 lunch break from Monday till Friday. We are available on weekends and federal holidays upon request from the client.

What ports does your Company perform the vessel service / inspection at?

We operate in port Novorossiysk and all ports of the Azov-Black Sea coast including the ports on the Crimean peninsula. We have port passes for both people and vehicles to all terminals of the aforementioned ports.

Is it possible to take off and return back the equipment by your own vehicle?

It is possible to take off and return back the equipment by our own vehicle from any terminal of the Azov-Black Sea coast. Our Company has its own trucks and cars.

Does your Company provide the supply of the vessel equipment?

Yes, our Company provides the supply of the vessel equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Does your Company provide telephone consultations?

Yes, it does. Our managers will answer all your questions.